Christmas  Vocabulary about Christmas.  Vocabulary and activities.

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Peace  Activities about peace and Peace Nobel Prize.

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Easter Activities about Easter.  Easter and spring holidays.

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British culture A brief guide to English life, culture and customs. To be an expert about UK. To discover Ireland.

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International Women´s Day  Every year, 8 March is celebrated around the world as International Women´s Day. Here you can find a program of information and fun to celebrate it. Have a great learning experience!  A song by John Lennon dedicated to all women around the world.

Propuesta didáctica para Secundaria, Bachillerato y Adultos, que incluye objetivos y competencias, actividades y evaluación.

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Past simple  Form, pronunciation and activities.  A song by John Lennon to practice the past simple tense (affirmative and negative). You can also find the past continuous tense. Activities to practice regular and irregular verbs.

Regular verbs  List of verbs and pronunciation of -ed.  Past simple regular verb endings: voiced and unvoiced sounds.

Irregular verbs   All the irregular verbs of the English language: conjugation, pronunciation, translation and examples.   The fastest way to learn the irregular verbs. El enlace ha sido enviado por el profesor Francisco Pineda.  Grammar rule, pronunciation and activities.

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St. Valentine’s Day    A reading comprehension quiz on the topic of St. Valentine’s Day.  St. Valentine’s links: quizzes, word searches, St. Valentine’s story, postcards, poems, love letters, jokes and other links.  St. Valentine’s section: cards, colouring pages, games, puzzles, poems, printables, etc.  Vocabulary, video, activities.

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